Daniel Jones

Website design, build and content management

I am a Front End Developer, Digital Designer and Expression Engine backend programmer. I like to create mobile responsive websites and interfaces. I am experienced with Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash and Illustrator and javascript/jquery. I have worked and contracted for advertising agencies such as hub+ (Clemenger Group), OBM, Leap, ST&P and Spin for clients such as NAB, Disney, Lee, Mantra, 42 Below, Carlton United Breweries, Fosters, Just Jeans, Clarion and Alpine. I also worked with smaller web agencies such as Alpha Station and Web Elements. I am current freelancing and open to new opportunities, preferably contract or remote working positions.Contact me ›

nabtrade Content Hub

Created while I was at hub+, nabtrade came to us wanting to make a content hub for aspiring investors to learn about investing. They had decided on what content they wanted, it was our job to come up with a way to present all of this information in an easily digestible format. We were given an original prototype of the design which we didn't feel reflected the brand values, so I redesigned it. I also developed responsive mobile and tablet breakpoints. I then developed all the front end and backend pages and code. The website content is all driven from an Expression Engine backend which we felt is a very intuative system. nabtrade were very happy with the results, and could now gain more insights about their users and quickly update their user base with new articles and information about investing. About six months after launch we were tasked with incorporating another NAB website, which contained detailed information about SMSFs, into learn.nabtrade.com.au as the SMSF section.View the website ›

Rugsonline mobile redesign

Rugsonline has been a long time client of mine and I have been talking about the importance of having a mobile functional website for while now, last year they decided to take the plunge. I provided designs for both mobile and tablet sized screens but the development was not done by me. A few of the design elements have changed in the development phase but you can click through to the website below. View the website ›

Flomio NFC Kiosk

I created the front end of the scancast and charts pages for NFC Kiosk. The NFC Kiosk system registers guests, takes photos, scans activities, and reports it all in real time and has the ability to upload branded content to your Facebook account. Not online

phublished issues 1, 2 and 3

phublished was created to showcase the creative skills of the studio team while I was working at hub+. We decided on a digital format for ease of distribution and the promote our digital team. I was responsible for taking the designs and transforming them into an interactive digital "magazine". We chose the 760 pixel by 550 pixel size as many of the people who would see it were running old browsers, some as old as IE6 (the 3rd issue supports only IE8 up). View Issue 1 ›

NAB Token Demonstration

NAB wanted to give their NAB Connect Security Token users a demonstration on how to use the security token to set a pin, login to NAB Connect and authorise various payments. We suggested a HTML5 solution with a Flash fallback for older browsers. We tested it on smartphones, tablets and browsers down to IE6. The HTML5 version can be found here. Unfortunately the token demonstration on nab.com.au uses only the Flash version. View on nab.com.au ›

Peak Stays Travel

Currently being developed further, this website is designed to help English speaking travellers in Japan book their own hotels and ski packages. Peakstays uses the Foundation 5 framework and Expression Engine for the backend. View the website ›